1. Reservation stays are limited to three (3) calendar months. Return reservations accepted after four (4) weeks vacated.
  2. Factory Built RVs Only. No homebuilt, pop-ups, homemade pick-up or camper vans. All units must carry RV industry approved electric and sewer connections. If your unit is found to be leaking fluid it must be corrected if you wish to stay. This includes your rig or tow(ed) vehicle.
  3. No loud parties, excessive noise, big groups or large gatherings tolerated, as determined by management. Quiet hours are from 10pm to 7am.
  4. Speed limit is 5 mph.
  5. No sheds, utility buildings or tents are allowed to be erected.
  6. Two (2) vehicles  and one (1)  RV allowed per RV space. Extra vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. are not allowed.
  7.  No parking allowed on the grass or patios. Pull in or back in as far as possible to allow tow parking to clear road.
  8. Children are to be supervised and parents/guardians must assume responsibility for all actions of their children and their guests’ children.
  9. No dangerous breeds of animals will be allowed. Pets must be approved by the management.  Pets must not disturb the peace of the park or its’ tenants. Park policy allows two (2) pets, any additional must be approved by management.
  10. Pets must be on a 6ft. leash at all times.  Clean-up after pets is mandatory.  A Forest Grove RV Park, LLC its owners, management or representatives are not and will not be held responsible or liable for any bodily injury, property damage or medical payments to others, caused by any animal whether owned or not owned by tenants or guests. Owners of all pets must be present and attend to animals when they are outdoors, even if animals are in pens. Pens must be on concrete patios and not on the grass.
  11. Please put household garbage in dumpsters and any recycle bins provided.  Do not leave trash or rubbish outside RV overnight.
  12. You must keep your RV/trailer in good working condition and clean. We reserve the right to refuse service to any rig based upon its appearance and/or condition. Management reserves the right to refuse any RV, travel trailer or fifth wheel that is in poor condition or older than fifteen model years unless it is a restored unit in good condition.
  13. No vehicle or RV maintenance requiring disassembly is allowed and specifically NO OIL CHANGES are allowed in the Park!!
  14. All repair work, using outside vendors, must be pre-approved. Workers are required to sign liability waivers with proof of licensing and insurance BEFORE any work can begin. Call Management at you earliest convenience for approval.
  15. Cleanliness of the RV Park is important to us. Sites are to be kept clean and orderly, as determined by the management. No large appliances are allowed to be placed on the patio or outside any RV e.g. a refrigerator or freezer. Upon vacating the park, please leave the site clean, free of debris and items.  If management determines site was vacated and left in a poor condition, the park has a right to charge a clean-up and/or haul away fee.
  16. No grease, shop towels, plastics, etc. put in the sewer. Absolutely nothing is to be put into the sewer system other than toilet waste.
  17. Hazardous materials or foreign chemicals, including any kind of grease, cleaners, paint thinners, batteries shall be discarded properly and not left anywhere on the property.
  18. Do not pour any substance out onto the grounds, specifically near or around extensive tree roots. We wish to preserve the health and beauty of existing trees.
  19. Gray water must be contained.  Any spill must be cleaned up by responsible party.
  20. FLORIDA LAW requires that a sewer hose must be fastened using threaded connector or rubber donut.  All hoses not properly connected will be charged $25 for connection.
  21. $25 refundable deposit required for sewer line connection adapter (available at the office).
  22. Do not cover grass with any objects. You must keep all cords, cables and hoses coiled and out of the way of the grounds crew.  Please note CCRV uses an irrigation system to water our lawns and plants. Please protect your belongings from daily sprinklers. All power, water & sewer hoses are to run inside tires & under RV to connection.
  23. One RV per space. Rates are for four (4) overnight guests. There is a $10 per person charge per night for any additional guests staying overnight. All overnight guests must check in with management and each site is limited to a total of 6 occupants.
  24.  Please help conserve electricity and other utilities. Washing of your rig is allowed if using Park water, however you must use a hose end sprayer to conserve water.
  25. No digging or erecting poles (including satellite dishes), rooftop or tripod only.
  26. Management of Forest Grove RV Park is not responsible for loss or damage to Tenant’s property due to theft, vandalism, fire, accidents or any other casualty or act of God. Tenant expressly assumes all risk of such loss or damage and is responsible for carrying his or her own insurance. In addition, damages of any kind caused by guest or visitor of the park shall be billed to Tenant or guest.
  27. Any and all expenses due (including, but not limited to electricity usage fees, daily rate fees, and/or any assessed fees, etc.) MUST be paid prior to departure.
  28. No refunds or prorated rent is given for shortened stays at Forest Grove RV Park, LLC. No refunds for any weather event except in the case of mandatory evacuation orders given by local authorities for our area.
  29. We reserve the right to make changes to the rules, regulations and fees that we deem necessary.
  30. Attention Monthlies: If your rig is to vacate the park for more than 5 days CCRVL reserves the right to use your lot as we see fit, for short termers, or overflow. Please let us know if a long visit to a repair facility is in your future. We will read you meter on the way out, and when you return, to insure you are not charged for any electricity used in your absence.
  31. WAIVER AND RELEASE: Tenant expressly agrees that as a condition of tenancy in the Park, that they knowingly and intentionally waive and release, indemnify and hold harmless, Forest Grove RV Park and/or A Cozy Corner RV Lodge, its Management, and all officers and employees of any and all liability from injuries caused by, but NOT LIMITED TO, the following activities: Campfires, hiking, exploring, fishing, hunting, BBQ pit use, playground equipment, dog walking trails, resort trails, RV site roads, planned events, dogs, showers, speed or road bumps, bicycle or motorcycle use, golf carts, electric scooters and encounters with wildlife. Tenant acknowledges that Forest Grove RV Park and/or Cozy Corner RV Lodge is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage, loss of animal/pets or injuries to pets or children incurred during my stay. Tenant further acknowledges that camping has many hazards and that there are risks that cannot be eliminated.
  32. Cancellations:  7 days or earlier, refund all but $50.00 admin fee, less than 7 days out, no refund will be allowed. There are no refunds for inclement weather. If your visit is interupted or pre-empted by a hurricane or named storm you may rebook at no additional cost. However, this only applies if the Forest Grove RV Park is under a mandatory evacuation.